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Networking IoT Radio Communication
Cost-efficient Radio Solution for Daily and Critical Communication
About NetRadios®
About NetRadios®

NetRadios® is a decentralized platform of Digital Networking Radio communication that makes critical communication easy. NetRadios® is an expandable, user-friendly and cost efficient critical radio and broadband communication to industrial, commercial and public safety customers.

  • Decentralized architecture

  • Fully adjustable and upgradable

  • Fast deployment and high reliability

  • Easy and self-configuring scalability and expansion

  • Easy integration to existing analog and digital systems

  • License-free 

  • Low cost of deployment compared to proprietary systems

  • Complete coverage of any object and terrain

  • Voice and data security encryption

  • Highly flexible and clear voice communication

  • Unlimited number of subscribers

  • GPS precise positioning awareness

  • Full control, management and supervision of the entire fleet operation

Our Products
Our Products

NetRadios® Digital networking radio communication system's architecture is based on the variety of 100% IP67-compliant all-weather waterproof and reliable products.

When choosing a NetRadios® solution, you will enjoy the full benefits of cutting-edge license free and 100% secured networking radio technology, state-of-the-art features and a wide range of embedded applications.

Industries & Applications
Industries & Applications

NetRadios® provides critical radio and broadband networking communication for such industries, as:

NetRadios® helps industries to stay agile, reduce downtime, improve productivity, enhance safety and gain additional cost efficiency for daily operations.

A decentralized architecture of NetRadios® networking radio system can help you think big, start small and scale fast.

  • Easy to design

  • Fast to deploy

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Easy to expand and upgrade

About Regulus
About Regulus

Regulus Electronics is one of the leading development and manufacturing company of the OEM/ODM solutions, IOT applications and wireless communication sulutions. We have more than 20 years of the products’ development history and a team of highly qualified developers and designers for wireless communication products and solutions.

At Regulus, everything we do is deeply rooted in two main values that shape both our products and our business: simplicity and flexibility. These values are channeled into advanced solutions that have a strong reputation of being easy to deploy and expand.

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