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Ad Hoc Networks

About Ad Hoc Networks

Wireless ad hoc networks (such as NetRadios®) is a decentralized type of wireless network. The network is ad hoc because it does not rely on a pre-existing infrastructure, such as routers in wired networks or radio antenna towers in managed (infrastructure) wireless networks. Instead, each subscriber (user) participates in routing by forwarding data for other subscribers, so the determination of which user forward data is made dynamically on the basis of network connectivity and the routing algorithm in use.

Wireless mobile ad hoc networks are self-configuring, dynamic networks in which subscribers are free to move. Wireless networks lack the complexities of infrastructure setup and administration, enabling devices to create and join networks "on the fly" – anywhere, anytime!


The decentralized nature of wireless ad-hoc networks makes them suitable for a variety of applications where central nodes can't be relied on and may improve the scalability of networks compared to wireless managed networks, though theoretical and practical limits to the overall capacity of such networks have been identified.


NetRadios® topology forms a type of Mesh Network. In a fully connected mesh, each node is connected to every other node, forming a "mesh". Wireless ad hoc networks can take the form of a mesh networks or others. A wireless ad hoc network does not have fixed topology, and its connectivity among nodes is totally dependent on the behavior of the devices, their mobility patterns, distance with each other, etc. Hence, Wireless Mesh Networks are a descendent of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, with special emphasis on the resultant network topology. 

Various industries and businesses has been in need of "on-the-move" communications for a long time. Ad Hoc Digital Communications come in well to fulfill this need, especially its infrastructureless nature, fast deployment and operation. NetRadios® can be used by operation departments with emphasis on rapid deployment, infrastructureless, all-wireless networks (no fixed radio towers), robustness (link breaks are no problem), security, range, and instant operation.


NetRadios® Digital Networking System also fully complies with the wireless mission critical and tactical network specifications.



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