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Benefits of
Networking Radio System

Benefits of the NetRadios
Critical Communication Architecture

System Security

In all critical communication systems, security is key. All voice and data, that is exchanged among terminals is AES or DES encrypted. In addition, the system enables absolute autonomous operations by a group of users and offers individual, group and conference calls within the radio network. All that is also secured thanks for AES or DES encryption.

System Costs

NetRadios® system operating frequency range is 860~900MHz and thanks to extremely low radiated power of communication units, the system is literally license-free, i.e. there are no such costs as frequency channels application, royalty payments and so on.  

System Flexibility

NetRadios® is future-proof, flexible professional radio communications solution. NetRadios® system have been specifically designed to adapt or grow with businesses, without a need for a huge amount of investment, compared to Tetra or similar systems.

Distributed infrastructure for critical communication systems offers some major advantages over centralized solutions. 


NetRadios® is fully adjustable, independent of the size of the network. The plug-and-play principle is effective in expanding network capacity to include more users, and in extending the coverage of the network itself. This makes it possible to adjust and expand the system based on growing needs.


The mesh-based technology platform gives full architectural network flexibility. You can increase capacity, extend network coverage or move capacity from one area to another, as required, even while the radio communications system is fully operational.

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