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Digital Networking Radio 
in Airports

Digital Communication in Airports
with NetRadios® system

NetRadios® provides critical radio and broadband communication for airports. Go digital with NetRadios® to secure passengers safety and improve aircraft turnaround time.

Digital networking radio communication system NetRadios® enables secure voice and data communication and with efficient, seamless communication it provides smooth handling of passengers from check-in to gate. With NetRadios® SE, it is easy to create dynamic work groups used for APRON services such as luggage handling, jet fueling and catering. You can also maximize airport revenue by offering communication services for retail business.

NetRadios® system keeps you connected in one integrated system:

  • Decentralized infrastructure with VHF, UHF and Ultra-UHF, both digital and analog in one platform 

  • Manage your fleet with NetRadios® SE applications

    • Remote monitoring and control of the radio network’s operating modes

    • Real time control of mobile operators’ movements and location

  • 100% coverage of any object (installations, complex buildings, territory)

  • Data can be relayed up to 56 times without degradation

  • Absolute autonomous operations by a group of users

  • Encryption of transmitted data (AES or DES)

  • Individual, group and conference calls within the radio network

With rugged Digital NetRadios®indoor and outdoor autonomous repeaters and a decentralized architecture NetRadios® can help you think big, start fast, scale profitable.

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