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About NetRadios®


Digital networking radio communication system

Digital networking radio communication system NetRadios® is a self-organized voice and data exchange network based on time division multiple access (TDMA) within broadband channels.

NetRadios® offers a scope and a scale of its functional and technical features, which are similar or even exceeding those offered by other digital networking systems at a small fraction of the latter's cost of deployment. 


NetRadios system’s main features:

  • Fast deployment of the Network

  • 100% coverage of any object (installations, complex buildings, territory)

  • Unlimited number of subscribers distributed among 256 groups

  • Re-transmission of received voice and data by each user within a network

  • Data can be relayed up to 56 times without degradation

  • Absolute autonomous operations by a group of users

  • Data exchange among terminals, which are connected to devices of the system (i.e. portable computers, navigation devices, etc.)

  • Encryption of transmitted data (AES or DES)

  • Individual, group and conference calls within the radio network

  • Remote monitoring and control of the radio network’s operating modes

  • Real time control of mobile operators’ movements and location

  • Small dimensions and low weight of all individual use devices.

  • No need for licensing because of extremely low radiated power of communication units.

Samples of network design

Equal access

radio network


Communication Network


Radio Network in Underground Mine

or Factory Floor

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