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Decentralized Architecture

Modular approach on choosing the right infrastructure

Select the quality infrastructure with a modular approach that can easily be scaled to meet your needs. Then choose the best applications for your critical communication system. Finally, with a wide selection of communication terminals and supporting equipment, this allows you to freely choose and combine any of your most demand-fit products. In this way you are freed from bundled package deals.


The professional radio communication experts

The NetRadios® Networking solutions have been implemented in many of successful projects, and have proven the durability and cost-effectiveness of NetRadios® solutions under the toughest working environments.

Easy 3-rd party integration​

NetRadios® offers comprehensive features, as well as an integrated software such as network management, voice and data recording and full dispatch applications. Additionally an open API enables seamless integration into third-party systems.

Advanced critical radio and broadband communication made simple

Cost of ownership
Short and long-term life-cycle cost of ownership and economics is one of the major aspect for the businesses to choose their professional communication solutions.


With NetRadios® solutions you can achieve lowest possible cost of ownership, in capital and operating expenditures. Based on decentralized architecture, we offer NetRadios® system that frees you to scale up, scale down and move around — at the speed you need.

Durable waterproof IP67 terminals
NetRadios® products are Ideal for harsh environments. Rugged and compact, they have been designed to be fit operating in any environments with temperature varying from -30˚C to +50˚C


The NetRadios® communication terminals and repeaters offers extremely low power consumption. This fact, added to the IP67-encapsulation, eliminates the needs for additional protection, and thereby saving both installation and operational costs. They are ideal for us in harsh environments, and the extremely low power consumption means that repeaters can easily run on solar power. Offering full redundancy and intelligent distributed architecture, NetRadios® provides operation-critical communications to support your daily business.

Flexible approach
NetRadios® comes complete with compact Portable, Hands-free or rackbased Indoor stations, that can be installed in any combination.

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